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Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about our company and products. This section will be updated as topics arise.

Skirting Duct

What type of saw should I use to cut the skirting duct?
Answer: Ideally a slide compound mitre saw with a triple tungsten carbide Aluminium cutting blade. Generally the more teeth on the blade - the better the cut. Steel duct covers require the use of a portable sheetmetal guillotine.

Can I fit CAT6 data plates on skirting duct?
Answer: Yes, use a duct with a depth of 50mm or more or if a shallow duct is required there are special angled data plates for CAT6 data jacks available. These plates accept two Keystone data jacks and provide additional space for termination within shallow ducts or spaces.

Can I run skirting duct vertically?
Answer: Yes, by either screw fixing the covers or using a 'Snap-Fit' skirting duct system which does not rely on gravity held covers.

What lead times apply?
Answer: This varies depending on the profile and colour required. We hold a large amount of common skirting duct profiles in stock however, as a general rule, allow two weeks plus freight (if applicable). Some profiles and quantities may require up to six weeks lead time. Stock colours in standard sizes would generally only require 3 hours for picking and packing.



Standard & Non-standard colours?
Answer: Most skirting duct is available in standard colours. Those colours being Oyster Grey, Black Scylla, Pearl White and Rivergum Beige. We are able to have the duct & components powdercoated to a large range of powdercoat colours provided the Customer is willing to wait the 7-10 days turnaround time. There are some powdercoat colours which do cost extra (or are unsuitable for our products) and minimum quantities apply. ANODISED FINISHES - we recommend you contact us to discuss the possible problems some products may have in being anodised.


Can I get touch-up paint?
Answer: Our powder coaters use Interpon and Dulux Paint. Most touch-up paint colours are available upon request. Please enquire for price and availability.


Floor Outlet Boxes


What lead times apply?
Answer: We attempt to keep sufficient stocks to cater for monthly demand, however, as the steel housing for the floor outlet boxes may be required to be installed prior to a concrete pour we recommend ordering in advance by approximately four weeks to guarantee supply.


Can I get different colours?
Answer: We can supply some Electraplan models 520,522 and 568 in Black, Beige and Chocolate. Lead times, shipping and handling charges may apply, allow as much time as possible in order to minimise costs of express freight.


Which box is best for shallow installations?
Answer: We recommend the Electraplan 522, 570 or 595 models as they are they have a depth requirement of only 60mm.


Can I use floor boxes in 'wet areas'?
Answer: FFOB-71 - FFOB-72 - FFOB-76 - FFOB-77, FFOB-Van 12 & 13 Floor boxes are IP66 rated and suitable for inside or outside use. These floor boxes are suitable for occasional use only as they are IP66 rated when closed and therefore must not be used when water is present.





Can I fit CAT6 data plates on Service Columns?
Answer: Special angled data plates for CAT6 data jacks are available from electrical wholesalers. These plates accept two Keystone data jacks and provide additional space for termination within SC8550 service columns.


How do outlets mount on Service Columns?
Answer: Outlets mount on a ferrous shroud to maintain segregation. The mounting shrouds accept standard size outlets. The service column divider has notched sections which can be removed to allow for the speedy fit of outlets.

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