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ESS350 Flush Floor Duct




  • A flush floor duct system designed to utilise shallow Electraplan floor outlet boxes for the distribution of power and data/voice services to open plan areas.
  • Mounting floor outlet boxes within floor duct offers the ability to position and relocate outlets along the duct in the future without major refurbishment.
  • Quality fittings such as sound absorbing muffler bearings, carpet edge trims & screed anchors provide a superior finish and enhanced functionality.

Installation Features

  • Recommended installation method is into a preformed recess (suggested minimum size of 530mm x 85mm).
  • The floor duct body is supplied in 2.4 metre lengths. Galvanised steel covers are supplied, punched and countersunk ready or installation.
  • Outlet box assemblies utilise Electraplan FFOB-522 & FFOB-570 shallow floor boxes (65mm deep).
  • Pre-punched covers simplify mounting of pedestal boxes GBZ02 & GBZ04 for above floor distribution.

* VDE 0634 "Ducting and trunking and their accessories for underfloor electrical installations."


VDE is the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (Germany).


Download ESS350 Flush Flor Duct Brochure  pdf


At A Glance

335mm x 65mm (Width x Depth)

Recess Size

530mm x 85mm (Concrete pour only)


2 (Standard) or 3 (To order)

Side Profile Extruded aluminium
Covers 3mm Galvanised steel
Base Trough Galvanised steel
Edge Trims Moulded polyamide
Trim Colour Grey (Brown & beige to order)
Part Number       Descriptions


Floor duct c/w cover levellers, joiners, edge trim & screed anchors


Ninety degree flat bend


Tee Junction


Cross-over Junction
ESS350E End Cap
ESSFSA Floor duct to skirting duct adaptor
ESS522 Punched cover for mounting FFOB-522 Floor Box
ESS570 Punched cover for mounting FFOB-570 Floor Box
ESSGBZ Punched cover for mounting GBZ Pedestal Box
ESSCCE Covered carpet edge trim (Grey)

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