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FFOB-520 Polyamide Floor Box



  • With a compact lid and frame, this is the smallest floor box in the Electraplan range.
  • Maximum capacity of two standard size outlets, generally one double power socket and one data/voice plate (Max 6 gang).
  • The load test* moulded polyamide lid and frame measures only 160mm x 260mm.
  • A robust cable outlet flap allows cords to safety exit the box with the lid closed and incorporates a neoprene dustguard and a strong fully recessed stainless steel handle.


Installation Features

  • Outlets mount on an angle within the box to minimise dust accumulation and to allow plugs to be inserted with ease.
  • Lid features an 8mm rebate for carpet or vinyl floor covering to infill. Deeper lid rebates are available to order.
  • The lid is reversible to accommodate changes in room layout and is designed to gravity close.
  • Box body fitted with 25mm knockouts.



  • Standard colour is Grey (RAL 7011 Iron Grey) with brown, beige and black available to order (Minimum quantities, manufacturing lead times and extra charges may apply).*

* VDE 0634 "Ducting and trunking and their accessories for underfloor electrical installations."


VDE is the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (Germany).


Download Brochure

FFOB-520 pdf


Floor Boxes FFOB-520

At A Glance
Lid Size

160mm x 260mm


2 standard size outlets

Lid Material

Moulded polyamide

Colour Grey
Carpet Rebate 8mm deep
Box Size 250mm x 160mm x 100mm
Recess Size 270mm x 180mm x 110mm (Concrete pour only)
Part Number       Descriptions


Electraplan floor box (2 standard outlet type)


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