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FFOB-550TUHD Heavy Duty Floor Outlet Box



  • Height adjustable inner frame for fully flush finish.
  • Heavy duty design to cater for temporary loads of up to 20,000N.
  • A cast alloy “tubus-snorkel” fitting elevates and protects cables at exit. Access to the unit is via a screw cap, using a pin wrench tool.
  • Minimal visual disturbance to floor coverings.
  • Uses standard pattern outlet plates to accept the widest range of outlet configurations and socket types.

Installation Features

  • Height adjustable inner frame allows the cover to be levelled flush with the final floor surface.
  • The powdercoated steel box body is supplied with a temporary cover to protect the contents during the installation process.
  • Accepts 2x standard double power sockets and 2x standard pattern data/voice plates which allow for multiple data, phone & A/V sockets.


  • Stainless Steel cover and adjustable frame.
  • Cast alloy “Satin Silver” tubus-snorkel cable outlet fittings.
  • The screw cap may be powderedcoated from a range of colours to better match the surrounding floor space.

Download Brochure

FFOB-550TUHD pdf



At A Glance
Lid Size

227mm x 227mm

Lid Rebate

13mm deep

Box Body Size 242mm x 230mm x 110mm deep
Recess Size

262mm x 250mm x 120mm


Stainless steel with cast alloy cable exit fittings

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Heavy Duty Flush Floor Outlet Box

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