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CableDuct Systems is a company that doesn't just sell electrical products and services. We're a company that provides intelligent and well thought out cabling solutions for our clients.


We're focussed on providing quality solutions and products for the electrical and communications industry within Australia and its environment. Our strength lies in the character of our employees and their commitment to fulfilling the Company's goals and strategies.


At CableDuct Systems we value our Customers so we take steps to ensure we deliver on time and within budget. With company procedures which have clearly defined processes, CableDuct Systems strives to offer the best solutions always.


One of our strengths is our detailed product knowledge which is widely sought after yet freely available.

In desk boxes and soft wiring are new to our product range making us Australia's largest supplier of cable management solutions for commercial and domestic fit outs. We are manufacturers of the FFOB and Electraplan Floor Boxes.



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Our Products


Stainless Steel Floor Boxes

above floor boxes

Above Floor Boxes

softwiring in desk boxes

Softwiring & In Desk Boxes


Pop-up Outlets


Cable Umbilical


FFOB 140 Series Floor Boxes


Skirting Duct & Slimline Shroud


Floor, Wall & Lighting Duct


Service Columns


Outlet Pedestals


Floor Boxes

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