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About us

Independent European company specializing in the manufacture of insulating cable management systems. Unex is the technological benchmark in its speciality and controls the entire production process, from the formulation of raw materials to the design, manufacture, distribution and technical promotion by its own team of sales engineers.

Our daily proximity with our clients, together with 50 years of experience in the electrical sector and participation in various international regulatory committees, have enabled us to discover the market needs and adjust to its requirements, offering a complete range of products with enhanced technical features compared to market standards, and endorsed by the most prestigious quality marks of International scope: UL, VDE, NF, N, GOST...

Corporate values:

- In-house production: Our production is guaranteed by our own manufacturing centres, allowing us to control the entire production process and assure a reliable delivery service. We do not manufacture for third parties.

- Respect for the environment: Unex is aware of the global pledge that sustainability implies. This is why we perform all our industrial and commercial activities through the sustainable use of natural resources, the efficient use of energy and full respect for the environment and society.

-International expansion: Thanks to our long-term vision, we focused on opening new horizons with a clear vocation for worldwide expansion.

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