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Cable Management Specialist 

Quality Product ranges

Pemsa works hard in developing and launching a wide range of products to satisfy all of the demands from the

installation. Our offering now includes many new products such as Rejiband® Rapide® Wire Mesh Tray with

a very fast connection system, Megaband® Ladder in both pre-galvanised and hot dip galvanised finishes

and Rejiband® Black C8® with high resistance protection for aggressive environments. All of these

products are based on the requirements demanded by the greater market.

A wide range of accessories

Extending the rapid and easy coupling system further, the installer also requires a wide and complete range

of accessories that make managing cables easier. Therefore, various components for coupling

straight lengths and bends, tees etc., supports and brackets and other items to fix and secure the cables are

necessary to offer a full and complete rapid system.

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