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Environmental Awareness

The G.James Group of Companies is committed to environmental awareness and energy efficient practices as part of an overall policy which recognizes: the scarcity of our resources: the impact of waste; and the emissions produced as a result of our many business activities.

It is further appreciated that many of the strategies and practices implemented to manage our commitment have resulted in divisional cost savings and a change in our workplace culture. Being a leading Australian manufacturer of glass and aluminium based products, the G.James Group will continue to review, refine and improve our policies and practices wherever possible to ensure it operates in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly manner possible.

Aluminium Recycling Activities

  • Up to 30% of aluminium extrusions supplied each month by G.James Extrusion is manufactured in Australia from billet produced using recycled aluminium sourced from our own remelt facility.
  • Recycled (or secondary) aluminium billet requires approx. 90% less power to produce than primary billet. In addition, the embodied energy required to recycle aluminium only demands 7% of the energy required to recycle plastic.
  • All cast aluminium products are manufactured from ingots produced using 100% recycled aluminium scrap.
  • Available aluminium 'swarf' (or saw shavings) is compressed in-house to form solid aluminium 'pucks' which are then recycled by a third party. In volume terms, this process has a compression factor of 3.5:1 (approx).

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