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Complete with Powder Coated Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel Cover, 3 x Auto Switched Outlets. and Provisions for 4 x Data.

This high-quality floor box features a stainless steel flush lid and 1 x 10amp auto-switched outlet, and is IP66 rated for maximum protection.

Measuring 130 x 130mm, the brass mechanism holding unit can hold 1 x 10Amp autoswitched square GPO. 

Additionally, it comes with an MDF temporary lid that can be secured to the body during the concrete pour to prevent the ingress of slurry. 

The fireproof thermoplastic box body ensures the safety of the system. The FFOB71SS1P-IP66 floor box is suitable for both residential and commercial settings, and Cableduct Systems is your go-to for all your cable management needs.

Complete with Stainless Steel Flush Lid, 1 x Auto Switched Outlet, IP66 Rated Floor Box. 

Also Available in an Allen Key Lock P/N: FFOB71SS1P-IP66AK